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Hi Everyone. I had an Idea in 2018 to do a mock Wedding when I was in a Cash Spiel. It went over so well I decided to post it for others to possibly use.

The Marriage of _______________ and ___________________

The Bar will remain open during the ceremony and if you could please pick a side to sit on, either the Grooms or the Brides, whoever you wish to support. Also pictures and video are welcome during the service.

(Pastor) Dearly beloved Curlers, Fans, and Friends - we are gathered here today in the sight of the Rings to join this Super Competitive in His Own Mind Curler ___________________, and this Strategically Beautiful Resourceful Curler _____________________ as "Team _________". Not to be entered into lightly, this event should be entered solemnly and with a vengeance and great determination. Into this Tournament of Life these 2 persons, _____ (____) & __________, come together to be joined for every game in life. If any person can show just cause why these competitors should not be joined as "Team ________" - have another drink and forever keep your peace!!!

"Team _________" is a sacred union between Skip and Second (________ you are Second). This union and shall remain unbroken until the end of time. It is the basis of a stable, loving team and in joining 2 brooms, 2 sliders and 2 grippers. The Skip and Second are there to sweep for one another, provide good weight and judgment, and avoiding Temper Tantrums even if the shot selection is not agreed upon.


(GROOM repeats after me) I _______ take you ___________ as my partner -- with your faults and strengths-- as I offer myself to you--with my faults and strengths--I will help you when I have to-- and turn to you when I need to-- I choose YOU as "my Superior"-- with whom I will spend my life with.

(Bride repeats after me) I _________ take you _________ as my partner--Loving what I know of you-- and trusting you will listen to me-- I will respect your dignity--and want you to have faith in my shot making--in every game through all our years going forward—with whom I will spend my life with.

(Pastor) Do you Groom________ take _________, to be your partner and teammate and live together forever? Will you love, comfort, listen, and not roll your eyes when you don’t agree with a shot call, for draws and take outs, for guards or for raises, for taps or for wicks, for as long as you both shall play?

(GROOM) I do.

(Pastor) Do you Bride________, take _________ to be your fittingly partner and teammate and live together forever? Will you be patient with him, and be confident in your shot selection and execution, in double and triple take outs-- in shots he doesn’t believe in-- for raise take outs or for hit and rolls-- for open hits for the win or for missed draws to the button-- for as long as you both shall play?

(BRIDE) I do.

Ring Pop Exchange:

(Pastor) This Ring is an unbroken symbol of the everlasting trust and commitment between the 2 of you as team mates.

(Best Man Hands the Ring Pop to the groom.)

(GROOM--BRIDE (Repeat) With this Ring--I shall listen to your shot selections-- try to control my eye rolling, and not use an unfavorable tone when expressing my opinions of situations.

(Maid Of Honor Hands Ring Pop to Bride and Repeat above)

What I have joined together here today let no person trade them to another team. With the power invested in me by the Church of the Granit Rock and the Curling Gods from above.

I now pronounce you Team Mates for Life.

This joyous day celebrates the commitment and love that keeps their team together. From this day forward they will be known as “TEAM _________”.

You may kiss your skip.

Grooms Signature--

Brides Signature----

Best man’s Signature--

Maid of Honor’s Signature—

(Pastor) Father Guido Sarducci--


I hope you have as much fun as we did.

I hope you have as much fun as we did.

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