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title What Type of material do you use

 Sorry I cannot say what I use. But I m changing curling and how people think about the art of Sweeping.

Can you cover other types of broom heads

Yes we have covered--Brownies, Matrix, 8enders, Olson, Hammers, Performance. And we are now recovering old club broom heads.

Why did you start this 

It was too good of a broom head to keep to myself. It has become Curlings dirty little secret because most of the teams that use it do not tell anyone else about them. THEY WANT TO WIN. And I want to promote this sport.

Message to my 50 Members

Hi Everyone.

I would like to apologize to everyone for the email that was sent to you today from a person from Senegal that has hacked into my website. I have eliminated them from the web site and it started me to think that maybe I do not need a Members portion on my web site in order to protect my members. I thought in the beginning that having members would be OK but looking back it might have been vanity for me to say how many members I have.

I would like to thank the people who became members and liked what I have done. But I am going to cut out a member’s link to my web site. I hope that you still look at it periodically to see what else I am doing and thinking of to solve complaints in the sport of Curling.

Thanks Wayne

PS. I am looking at making a new type of slider that does not break down the ice in the slide path so the ice stands up better

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