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Ultimate Mop/Pad in action

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Testing the Ultimate Mop/Pad in Barrie, Ont. Before we started 4 sets of stones were matched by using two sticks to deliver the rocks. We nipped and mopped it with a sheeps wool mop that all curling clubs use to start the testing equally. Then only one side of the sheet (right side) was mopped with the Ultimate Mop/Pad. We cleaned the mop/pad off after each pass removing frost and dirt. After mopping 4 times we gained 4 feet, after 8 times we gained 7-8 feet. After stopping for a 40 minute break to check if the ice would tighten up without anyone on it, we tested it again without mopping, the rocks only went 3-4 feet, proving that the ice did tighten up. Then we mopped the right side of the sheet 4 times and the rock distance increased over the left hand side of the sheet by 10-12 feet. We were impressed.

We tested it again by timing the stones. The stones on the side of the sheet that was mopped, the time from T-line to hog-line was 2.94 seconds and the rock went to the T-line, the time from hog-line to T-line was 24.52 seconds. The stones on the side of the sheet that was not mopped with the Ultimate Mop/Pad the time from T-line to T-line was 24.52 and from T-line to hog-line was 2.53 seconds. We feel that we increased the speed of the ice.

We just did a test of the Ultimate mop/pad at my club. We found no defference in mopping one side of the ice to the other. In the beginning I was not sure if it would make a difference, our ice has next to no frost. There are no foot prints to show where their had been frost on the outer part of the sheet. We have installed a Silver Blanket in the ceiling a couple of tears ago and the ice seems to be harder andI am told our ice plant runs less. Our club is better because of it, and the work that our ice makers do, shows in the great ice that we have.

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