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   I have had an idea for a long time. It is a way for curlers to give tips on how to play the game of curling as if you where showing your own child or close friend. For some people it is embarrasing to ask someone in their club for advise so I am asking anyone who looks at this site to give a tip.

  1; If you are skipping the best words to use are YES to sweep and OFF to stop sweeping. Using whoa or go confuses the sweepers and 5-6 feet of rock travel has happened before the sweepers react.

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over a year ago
by Joe Drummond

2. When delivering the stone your slider foot should be directed to the skips broom.
If you bring your foot under you to quickly, the force generated in the movement will put you off line. And you will miss the broom.

3. One goal to achive for a tea