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"What more do you want in a Broom Head" 

Hi Everyone. It is a New Curling Year

 I have created 2 new pages. The first is a comedian way to marry someone at your curling club. And the second is Making Ice and what I did to achieve 3.59 split time for a guard. 

I have a new product change. With me constantly trying new things I have changed the broom heads that I make. I have added an air pocket between the material and the foam. This air pocket keeps the material even colder preventing heat from being created when sweeping. Which then slows down the pebble from being worn away and the ice going flat. Making the pebble last even longer. 10/5/14

    If you are a serious curler you will love this new broom head. There are a lot of competitive curlers out there looking for a competitive edge and this is it. People who have used my Broom heads are very impressed by it and the advantages it brings to their team. When I started experimenting in 2005/2006 with new fabrics and in 2006/2007 I brought it to the teams I play for and I went 60 wins and 22 loses in that first year. And now in my club (Blue Water Curling Club, Owen Sound Ontario) about 35% of the curlers use my recovered broom heads.

     With experimentation I have proved the theory about sweeping wrong. We have always been told to warm the ice when sweeping. But the ice goes flat (the pebble breaks down) and your old broom head gets wet, which makes the ice break down. My Broom Heads help to prevent this. It removes the frost and stays cold so the ice does not break down as fast. Also the theory about putting preasure on the ice might be wrong. There is no way we can bend the ice, if your broom handle is at a 90-60 degree angle your broom speed is decreased. The goal in sweeping is to polish the ice and you need broom speed(stokes) to do this. Your broom handle should be at 55-30 degree angle. (Wow the University of Western Ontario has just finished testing curling broom heads and has come up with the same theory that you do not want to warm the ice when sweeping. Please take a look at it. )

     As of January 2010 I have sent out a letter to your clubs president and a sample of the new fabric used on my curling broom heads to every curling club across Canada (1061 clubs). This way everyone gets a chance to try it out, please let me know what you think about it. If you have not received it please let me know.

   My broom heads have been on the World Curling Tour, Ontario Curling Tour, on TV, and in a lot of the cash spiels across Canada. I am impressed with the teams that have won zones. regionals, and Provincial playdowns and more in 2010. That some guy from a small village in Ontario can change a World Wide Sport and help teams achieve their dream is amazing to me.

A great product! Those who have your heads will never go back to the old material.

Mellisa, Ont.

  After trying your brush head fabric for several months, we decided it was the fabric to use at the Provincials. The fabric gave our sweepers a decided advantage over the opposing teams as we were able to hold the line and drag the rocks more efficiently, thus winning the Provincial title.

Michael, ON.

     The advantages of the Ultimate Broom Head are:

Less resistance on the ice

           The rock goes further (draws)

           The rock stays straighter (takeouts)

           Less fatigue when sweeping

           Broom head does not get warm or wet

           Grabs all the dirt and wipes off easily

           Both sides of the fabric can be used

          The sound on the ice is unique when sweeping like the brooms used on TV.

      Just pick out the colour you wish and I will ship you your curling broom head for $25.00 (cdn) each plus shipping. I will also recover your broom heads for $10.00(cdn) plus shipping. If you wish to recover your own broom head yourself I will send you the material for $5.00 each plus shipping. (Both sides of this material can be used when one side is worn out then just turn it over and use the other side). Under advice from my friends and curlers I have increased the price of my broom heads that I make. They say it is a better product!

     I have also come up with the Curling Broom Sleeve. This Florescent Orange material stands out more than a broom head. You no longer need to walk out in front of the house when there are a lot of rocks in play, just so your player can see the broom. If you have a skip with a black broom and black pants you can now see his broom with the Broom Sleeve. $8.00 each plus shipping.

     If you believe you have a problem with releasing the stone properly I also make the Perfect Release Devise. This goes over the handle of the stone and is made of plastic. The bottom has a large grove cut away so you can pull up on the handle of the stone when you pull back the rock with 2-3 fingers.   We have all been taught to have the rock handle facing us at either 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock. But no one teaches us at what time to release the stone. With the Perfect Release Devise when you start the rotation of the stone, if you cannot slide it off the back of the handle of the rock cleanly, it show's you that you are turning the rock in or flaring it out. It is that easy. $10.00 each plus shipping. (I have now let people know of a way to make their own).  

   I have come up with the idea for a Ultimate Curling Mop/Pad. It is used to prep the ice before players start. It removes the frost and any dirt that is on the ice. Testing done in Barrie to see how the Mop/Pad works better then the mops being used today in the Curling Clubs.


Ultimate curling products has trade-marks in the following;

Ultimate curling fabric TM

Ultimate curling broom head TM

Ultimate curling broom sleeve TM

Ultimate perfect release device TM

Ultimate "The Max" broom head Tm

Ultimate Curling Gripper TM


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